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Dune ★★★★☆

I've been seeing a lot of marketing for the Dune 2 movie (both for it's breathtaking IMAX visuals and the obscene popcorn bucket) and I realized I haven't seen the first one! As I really want to go see Dune 2 in IMAX, I decided to watch the first one this week so I am well prepared to see the sequel this weekend. The story follows Paul Atreides who is a gifted man and has to travel to a dangerous planet in the galaxy to secure Spice, an element that powers most objects in this universe. When things go wrong, Atredies must follow the prophecy he dreams of in order to save the future. Initially, I was hesitant to watch this film since I knew some called it boring, but I really enjoyed it. There were a few slow scenes due to pacing issues, but there were always visuals that made up for it in those same scenes. The visuals in this movie were amazing, and most of the desert shots were absolutely breathtaking. I also loved the character development in this movie, and I know this series works mainly off character relationships and emotions, and this movie did a good job with the dialogue and development of the characters throughout. The action scenes, while most are saved for the second film I am assuming, were done really well and some added a level of intensity to the story which I enjoyed. The final thing I liked was the 'all-star' cast in this film since they work together well and the acting was phenomenal. Overall, this movie was amazing and I cannot wait to see the sequel this weekend!

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