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About Each Review 

Each review is created with little to no bias and includes the date I watched the film along with the age rating from* along with a personal age recommendation based on content in the film**. After a certain point* and personal age ratings do not appear due to a new rule among critics, however trigger warnings marked with TW will still appear for graphic movies.

*Note that is an independent company with a team that creates a full age guide for each movie, and their opinions on age recommendations are not endorsed or approved by my personal opinion. This is included on each film due to movie review standards and in some cases legal reasons.

**This is my personal opinion on what age someone should be to watch this movie. This is an opinion and does not reflect actual decisions made by other people, it is there purely for content recommendations.

What Do the Stars Mean?

★- This movie was bad and could never watch again. Do not recommend!
★★- This movie is bad, but had some good moments. Probably will not rewatch!
★★★- Movie was okay, but good outweighs the bad. Rewatchable for sure!
★★★★- Movie was amazing and highly recommend to everyone!
★★★★★- Movie is considered a classic/memorable and something everyone should watch!



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