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Bad Boys: Ride or Die ★★★☆☆

After watching the previous film during quarantine, I thought the franchise was done due to the ending, but of course they made a fourth movie. I was originally not excited for it, but upon release day the reviews were surprisingly better than the previous one, and as of writing this the movie has made a billion dollars in the box office (as opposed to Furiosa). The story follows Mike and Marcus as the now dead captain is being framed for working with the cartel. Everyone seems to turn on the two trust-worthy detectives, and they can only trust each other to clear their deceased-captain's name. I will say I was not expecting much from this movie due to the plot synopsis and the fact that the last movie had a solid ending. However I was surprised with the budget and some of the cinematography during the action scenes. There was a shoot-out scene specifically (the candy one) that had cool visuals and colors along with a blaring soundtrack, and I also enjoyed the cinematography during the final few scenes. This movie, while it did have cliche dialogue and themes, held together pretty well and was really entertaining. As for most of the bad boys movies, the comedy was really good and helped a lot during the slower scenes, even if some of the lines were cliche. I would give this movie a 3/5 on entertainment and a 3/5 on the story and plot, which is why I gave this movie three stars, which is higher than I thought I was going to give it going into this! Since I had A-list I saw the movie in Dolby and I will say it did help parts of the film a lot, mainly the action sequences with the extra bass during gun shots. The visuals were also benefited with Dolby Vision as the colorful fight sequences looked great, but I wouldn't say its necessary to view this movie in a premium format. Overall, I do recommend this movie to any action-comedy fans as it was enjoyable to watch with some cliches.

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