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Dune: Part Two ★★★★★

After seeing the first Dune movie due to the success of the sequel, I knew I had to see this new movie in IMAX at the nearest true IMAX location (Mall of Georgia), so me and a friend went and we were absolutely blown away! The story picks up with Paul and Chani crossing the desert in hopes of gaining trust with the rest of the Fremen to get revenge on those who destroyed the House Atreides, and that's really all I can say without giving away anything. This sequel was amazing, and I will say it is one of my favorite movies ever! The characters, similar to the first film, were furthermore developed as we got to see more of their ambitions and for some of them we saw drastic changes in behavior that served kind of like a plot twist during the movie. The visuals, which is what I was mainly watching for, were incredible and somehow top the first film. Seeing this in IMAX, considering the entire movie was filmed in a 1.90 IMAX aspect ratio (if this movie was shown on 15/70 mm IMAX film you would see some 1.43 scenes), the visuals filled most of the screen and it was extremely immersive. Since this movie is filled with stunning scenes of the landscape of Arakis, its not a surprise that the audio design was also on point. The film used Hans Zimmer to make the soundtrack, and it was glorious in the IMAX 12 channel speaker system! It was extremely loud but also captivating (especially the scene of Paul riding the sandworm), and it makes the movie much more immersive and epic. Despite the longer runtime of 2hrs and 46mins, the film's pacing is not dragged out and stays constant. Some say the pacing is a bit fast, but to me it seemed decent the whole way through. Overall, I highly recommend this sequel to everyone (even those who didn't like the first film because it was 'slow') and seeing it in IMAX is a must!

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