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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga ★★★★★

After watching the previous film, I was so excited to see this one despite the box office flop. I went to see it in Dolby, and it was pretty much on par with the previous film in terms of how awesome it was! The story here is set years before the previous film, in which it shows Furiosa before she was the warrior for Immortan Joe which highlights her abduction from The Green Place and her constant struggle to find home throughout the film. I will say, I liked this movie a lot and especially because of the backstory we got on the Wasteland in general. I liked the setting of The Green Place (since the previous film in the series didn't show it that well) and how it explained a lot about how the Wasteland works. I also loved showing the other leaders besides Immortan Joe and the Citadel since it showed the struggle in power between the three major leaders of the Wasteland's supplies and resources. Of course the action scenes in this film did not disappoint, and I'll start with the lengthy war rig scene. Similar to the first film, this one did contain a long action sequence as Furiosa and her companion defend the war rig while on a trip, and it was just as crazy as the first one! The cinematography during this scene was perfect and it really felt immersive during some of the shots of Furiosa fighting on the top of the war rig. I also loved the constant explosions and blaring sound track during this scene as it kept my blood pumping as the characters brutally defended the rig. Speaking of sound track, seeing this in the Dolby format was worth it for sure. Anytime engines revved or things exploded (which is the entire film), the entire theater felt like it was shaking with how loud it was, and I could feel some of the sound in the seat itself due to the volume. Since this movie wasn't filmed for IMAX, I didn't go to see it in this format, however I was told the sound is comparable and pretty loud as well. Overall, this movie was amazing and lives up to its predecessor, and I recommend it for all Fury Road fans!

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