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Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire ★★★☆☆

I saw a trailer for this for the first time during my showing of Dune Part 2, and I instantly knew this was going be extremely entertaining! The story (which of course there's not much of) follows Kong as he finds a threat in Hollow Earth that could end humanity if it reached the surface. Godzilla and Kong have to team up (along with the unimportant humans) if they want to stop the evil Gorilla-adversary creature that wants to rip apart all humans if they escape Hollow Earth! I will say, like all of these recent American Godzilla movies, the story is not the focus at all. I went into this movie for entertainment (like most people), so it comes as no surprise that there was barely a story to follow. On an entertainment scale though, this movie gets a full five stars. It was visually amazing to watch and was surprisingly colorful, and of course watching giant beasts fight each other and destroy countless structures (including the Great Pyramids, the Colleseum, anything in Rome, and many beaches) was a lot of fun. To elaborate more on the visuals, I loved the CGI with Hollow Earth, I really liked the colorful prism stuff in the tribe's home in Hollow Earth, and any destruction sequence was really fluid and done well. I did enjoy this movie a lot, and I don't usually say that after tearing apart the plot holes in the film (which there were many), but it was really entertaining and it definitely used it's 150 million dollar budget to the max! I also don't usually give movies with practically no story a 3-star rating, but because I also rate films on an entertainment scale (this does not always affect the stars), this movie deserves more than a 5/5 on entertainment which when averaged with the 1/5 on story gives this film a 3/5 overall. I do recommend this movie to any action fan who wants a really entertaining and visually stunning film, but just don't watch for the story!

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