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In A Violent Nature ★★☆☆☆


I was really excited for this film as a slasher fan because I found the concept creative and original, and the early reviews claimed this movie was insanely gory due to one kill scene in particular. I went to see it regardless and I was entertained for the most part. The story follows Johnny, and similar to Jason Vorhees he lurks in the forest of a popular camp in order to kill anyone who messes with him. This time, a group of teens staying in a cabin in the forest decide to take a necklace that belonged to him, and he will kill anyone in the way to get it back! I will say, I had higher hopes for this film, but the ending completely killed it. The ending attempted to create a metaphor for the killer and one victim in the film, however it was really unsatisfying and could have been scrapped entirely. The entire film itself was beautiful though, with amazing scenic shots of the forest as the camera tracked the killer. The cinematography was amazing, and the shots of the killer in between kills looked really good and impressive. That being said, the kills were also really good and done practically, which is always a plus. I loved the gore in each one, and usually each one had a good amount of shock value. Shudder was smart to release this film as Unrated so it reaches theaters, but it was branded with an NC-17 rating. One kill in particular takes the entire movie to that NC-17 level, and it's a kill that was up there for the goriest things I've seen in a movie. I will say the entertainment was a solid 4/5 and I loved that, however the story wasn't great. The killer was surprisingly characterized more than the teens who were killed, however I did expect that from a slasher. The dialogue for the teens were comparable to the ones in Friday the 13th, which was unbearable during one scene that attempted to tell the story of the killer. The story was a 1/5 especially with the terrible ending, so that made this movie 2 stars. Overall, I do still recommend this film for those who love slashers, because it is entertaining and visually stunning, however expect a terrible story and a really unsatisfying ending.

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