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Inside Out 2 ★★★★☆

After seeing the first movie when I was young, I remember loving the concept and loving that movie as a child. Now that I'm much older, Pixar was smart and made a film relating to teenage emotions, and I will say this movie was much more emotional than I thought it would be. The story still follows Riley, but now she is 13 and has new emotions including anxiety, envy, and embarrassment. She is now attending a hockey camp that could help her future in college, and she will do anything to ensure she makes the new team at her high school! I will say I was surprised on how well this film captured the same feeling I had when watching the first one, and this had to do with how relatable some of the messages were. I loved the story, the themes, the entertaining visuals, and of course the new emotions. The story was quick and fast paced but built off Riley's character even more than before, and that helped make the new emotions stick. I liked the visuals in this one too, especially any scene with the tree in Riley's mind. The themes expressed by Riley are pretty much universal for any teen regardless of age, and that made it much more enjoyable and relatable to watch (as it was to watch the first film when I was younger), and I am glad Pixar captured that feeling again. I did see this film in 3D at AMC with my A-list, and I am glad I did since it enhanced the film's visuals and it was truly mind-blowing during certain scenes (such as the memory-bubble avalanche and the tree of core-thoughts and feelings) and I do recommend it. Overall, this movie was really good and relatable for anyone to watch as it still captured the feeling of the original.

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