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Poor Things ★★★★★


I've been wanting to watch this movie ever since I saw a quick ad for it during a showing of Exorcist: Believer. I went in to this movie knowing very little and I will say this is definitely a great contender next to Oppenheimer for the Oscar's Best Picture Award! The story is about a mad scientist named Godwin who finds a pregnant woman dead in a river. He removes the infant's brain and places it in the woman to reanimate her to life, and she begins developing at a rapid rate due to the infant brain. Throughout the movie, she will go from infant to adult as she tries to make sense of the strange world she lives in and challenges social norms through the eyes of a toddler. I will say, this movie had some deep philosophical moments that apply to our every day lives, and I was not expecting to analyze this movie once I was done. The story was amazing along with the pacing, and the acting on Emma Stone's part was incredible as she nailed every detail of her reanimation. Since the main point of this movie was Bella questioning the world and finding herself, it was refreshing to see original dialogue throughout this entire film, and this helped sell the innocence Bella had throughout as she discovered the imperfections of life. I also loved the visuals as they were absolutely stunning, and I had a feeling I'd been in for a treat when I realized this movie was filmed in a 1:66 aspect ratio (small bars on the left and right side of the screen) which is usually used to capture larger visuals. I know I mentioned Emma Stone's acting, but Mark Ruffalo and Ramy Youssef were great as well and they were really funny throughout. It's hard to describe the rest of this film without giving away a lot, so I just recommend everyone to see it as it is really one of the best films we have had during this decade.

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