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Superbad ★★★★☆

Common Sense Media Age: 16+ Violence 3/5 Sex 5/5 Language 5/5 Drinking/Drugs/Alcohol 5/5

My Age Recommendation: 16+ (Due to some graphic slap-stick violence, pervasive strong language, pervasive crude and sexual humor, underage drinking, drug usage, and cartoon nudity).

Going down the list of movies to watch during winter break, I landed on this 'cult-classic'. I have seen people wear the iconic McLovin t-shirt with the fake ID, and once I realized it came from this movie, I wanted to see what the hype was about. The story follows Seth, Evan, and Fogell who all want to lose their virginity before college. Seth is invited to a party by a girl he likes named Jules, and he offers to buy alcohol for the party to improve his chances of scoring. What seems like an easy task of gaining a fake ID from Fogell turns into a night of miscommunication and debauchery as they try to obtain and transport the alcohol. This was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. The comedy was pretty much every line, and almost all jokes had me laughing. The story itself was not neglected like many comedies do, instead the story had a good pacing and it even had a message with it. The dialogue and the character dynamics were really good as all the characters were characterized well throughout the story. The use of really good comedic actors as the main characters made this movie even better, and this is probably why the jokes felt natural as if three friends were joking with each other. Overall, everyone should see this hilarious movie and should be prepared to laugh all the way to the credits.

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